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Enventure provides education and mentorship for budding life science entrepreneurs. Since 2012, Enventure has been led by volunteers like you, putting on networking events, educational programming, and startup workshops.


Intro to Life Science Entrepreneurshipexpand_more

The class that started it all. Jack Gill, Silicon Valley VC, introduces medical entrepreneurship with top notch entrepreneurs from Houston's past, present, and future.

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Jack Gill, a silicon valley VC, and George McLendon, former Provost at Rice University, teach this inspiring course featuring top local entrepreneurs.

Foundations expand_more

Practical skills for budding entrepreneurs. Foundations is designed to provide new entrepreneurs with an understanding of the innovation process, teaching them how to evaluate life science technology as the basis for starting a new business.

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Whether you're an MD with an idea or a scientist with new tech, Foundations' experienced, approachable lecturers will address early obstacles and strategy for launching your medical startup.

BYOBrainstorm expand_more

BYOBrainstorms are mini-hack events centered around medical topics that need fresh and creative solutions. Get to know your medical startup community while coming up with new ideas and networking.

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Webpage coming soon!

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Take your idea from concept to company

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BioVentures gives students practical experience commercializing their ideas or existing IP. Local life science mentors coach each team to develop a business plan for our investor pitch day.

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Get to know your community

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Enventure gives entrepreneurs an avenue to connect outside of the lab, class, or office. Networking events are a great way to find your multi-disciplinary team, build relationships with experienced entrepreneurs, or find a job you didn’t know existed.

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Hear from entrepreneurs who walk the walk

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Dialog is a forum where scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs, and investors share their stories, their path to industry, and their big ideas with Houston's life science entrepreneurship community.

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    free +

    We know what it's like to be a student or budding entrepreneur. That's why all of our events are free, so you have access to the resources you need.

  • healing

    healthcare focused

    Healthcare entrepreneurs have a special set of challenges. Enventure gives you access to entrepreneurs who have been there (and often done that).

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    community driven

    Enventure is run by people like you. Send us an email and learn how you can get involved or what programming you would like to see.