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Enventure provides students with experience, career guidance, and community,
and provides medical innovators with consulting, diligence, and advising to grow a company.

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Check out our alumni wall!
Check out our alumni wall!

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Enventure was a wonderful introduction to a network of aspiring biomedical entrepreneurs. I felt the support of a peer group to charge ahead in career adventures and to take intelligent risks in sight of greater goals. Enventure was part of what gave me the courage and determination to venture into the unproven path of the startup world, rather than settling on a well-worn career path that may not have been as fulfilling to the soul.

Xavier Garcia-Rojas
CMO, IntuiTap Medical

"At Enventure’s first event, featuring Dr. Billy Cohn, I found my calling. That event was the key turning point in my career. At that time, there were very few formal classes about life science entrepreneurship, so I relied on the educational and networking resources Enventure provided. I landed a dream job building Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute entirely through the connections I made through Enventure."

Lindsay Deneault
Director of Innovation, Carolinas Medical Center

"Bioventures was instrumental in the founding of Luminostics, and is the perfect springboard for scientists interested in hard science entrepreneurship."

Bala Raja
CEO, Luminostics
BioVentures Class of 2014

"As a science and engineering PhD student, Bioventures helped me to look beyond 'cool science' and understand what could actually be developed into a product or a company."

Jessica Dobbs
Businesss Development Associate, DNATRIX