Fannin Fellowship

Fannin Innovation Studio's Fellowship program provides MDs and PhDs in the Texas Medical Center institutions with hands-on leadership experience in early-stage life sciences business development and commercialization.

Fannin Internship

Fannin Innovation Studio's Internship offers hands-on experience with early-stage life science entrepreneurship


Monthly subscription model for (most) scientific journal access.

Venture Deals

Venture Deals has become the definitive resource for understanding venture capital fundraising. The book dives deeply into how deals are constructed, why certain terms matter (and others don’t), and more importantly, what motivates venture capitalists to propose certain outcomes. You’ll see the process of negotiating from the eyes of two seasoned venture capitalists who have over 40 years of investing experience as VCs, LPs, angels, and founders. They will teach you how to develop a fundraising strategy that will be a win for all parties involved.

Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies: 2nd ed

This Stanford originated, step-by-step guide to medical technology innovation has been rewritten to reflect recent trends of industry globalization and value-conscious healthcare. Written by a team of medical, engineering, and business experts, the authors provide a comprehensive resource that leads students, researchers, and entrepreneurs through a proven process for the identification, invention, and implementation of new solutions. Case studies on innovative products from around the world, successes and failures, practical advice, and end-of-chapter 'Getting Started' sections encourage readers to learn from real projects and apply important lessons to their own work. A wealth of additional material supports the book, including videos, active links to external websites, supplementary appendices, and timely updates on the companion website at


Foundations is designed to provide new entrepreneurs with an understanding of the innovation process, teaching them how to evaluate a life science technology as the basis for starting a new business. Learn how you can turn your creativity loose to design the future of healthcare.

Life Science Entrepreneurship: MGMT633

The class that started it all. Jack Gill, Silicon Valley VC, introduces medical entrepreneurship with top notch entrepreneurs from Houston's past, present, and future.


The ENRICH Fellowship serves students and entrepreneurs in Houston, facilitating short-term research projects at life science companies


The TMCx accelerator provides health and medical technology startups with workspace, mentorship, workshops, and networking, without fees or equity sharing.


BioVentures is a 10 week, hands-on immersion into life science entrepreneurship, where teams of students begin with nascent intellectual property, conduct market diligence, identify a commercially viable product, and create a commercialization plan, culminating in a refined investor pitch.