Informed COVID-19 guidance and resource matching for the Houston community

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Self Assessment

Which products are recommended?

FDA Cleared Supplies are preferred if available

FDA has authorized off label and extended shelf life of certain medical supplies and equipment.

FDA Guidance on Masks/Respirators during COVID-19FDA Guidance on Ventilators during COVID-19

FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

The FDA recommends new manufacturers obtain an EUA prior to sale / distribution of regulated products (i.e. N95 masks, surgical masks, ventilators). Please see Maker section for instructions on how to obtain EUA.

Liability and non-regulated Supplies

"FDA recognizes that, when alternatives, such as FDA-cleared masks or respirators, are unavailable, individuals, including healthcare professionals, might improvise PPE. FDA does not intend to object to individuals’ distribution and use of improvised PPE when no alternatives, such as FDA-cleared masks or respirators, are available."
-FDA Guidance

HHS issued a declaration under the PREP Act granting immunity from liability under state and federal law against all claims the “manufacture, testing, development, distribution, administration, and use” of a countermeasure that is aimed at responding to COVID-19. Individual practitioners and hospitals may choose to accept non-FDA cleared supplies at their own risk. Non-regulated face masks and shields are now commonly used in low-risk settings.

Recommended Supplies for Sale

Face shields and masks can extend the life of N95 respirators.

CDC Guidance on Extended Use and Reuse of Respirators

Reprocessing Guide

Summary: Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide only FDA approved method. UV and Moist Heat may also be effective. Read more:

Enventure Reprocessing Guide v1.0

TMC COVID-19 Updates

Total cases, capacity estimates, and more...


What does Enventure recommend for design / testing / clinical use?

Instructions based on FDA and CDC guidance on minimum requirements for producing PPE and other COVID related products.

Enventure Recommendations for Masks and Respirators v1.1
Enventure Recommendations for Ventilator and Respiratory Support v1.0

Recommendations for PPE Reprocessing coming soon

What are the highest priority needs?

Based on information gathered from TMC hospitals, METRO, Houston Food Bank, community clinics, nursing homes, and other essential businesses.

Supplies can be drop-shipped to the Bioscience Research Collaborative (see Donor tab) and our team will handle distribution.

Open-Source Designs You Can Make

Enventure is evaluating additional maker designs for quality.
These products are not FDA approved for medical use or prevention of COVID-19.

How will my donation be used?

Enventure and TMC have been surveying Houston area organizations, including hospitals, food banks, METRO, and other essential businesses to determine what supplies they actually need right now.

We will use your donations to bulk purchase FDA-cleared supplies and donate them to where the need is greatest.

We have suppliers and storage lined up... we just need your support to order the supplies Houston so desperately needs!

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Highest priority needs:

I have supplies to donate or sell.

Please contact us to match your supplies to a Houstonian in need.

Donations can be shipped to:

Bioscience Research Collaborative
Attn: Will Clifton, Suite 170
6500 Main St
Houston, TX 77030
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How can I help?

Enventure is hosting a Slack Workspace with over 300 volunteers from the Houston community. Share news, contribute to design projects, and locate resources in real-time.

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Houston has a strong and growing medical innovation community. With the outbreak of COVID-19, our community of engineers, doctors, nurses, scientists, developers, designers, and business leaders came together to address Houston needs, and we need your help!


List of all the hardworking volunteers coming soon! Thank you all for your support.