Pitching Your Idea
Benjamin A Hertzog, PhD

Experienced start-up entrepreneur with a focus on medical devices, diagnostics and healthcare services. Raised over $12M for med device startup, Procyrion. Managing Director of AlphaDev LLC; Vice President of BCM Technologies; McKinsey & Co. (Member of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Practice); Ph.D. from Brown University’s Artificial Organs, Biomaterials, and Cellular Technology program; Previous corporate Board seats include Medical Metrics, Fairway Medical Technologies, Spectral Genomics (acquired by Perkin Elmer) and Kardia Therapeutics (founding president).

Start Time
6:00 pm
End Time
7:30 pm
2450 Holcombe Blvd Suite X, Houston, TX 77021

Event Description

Before you ever sell to a single customer, you'll have to pitch your startup to investors, partners, and potential employees. We'll discuss the key elements of a great pitch whether it is a one-liner, elevator pitch, or a full slide deck for investors. The presentation will include how to tailor your talk to your audience and figuring out what your audience wants to know. We'll wrap up with a quick elevator pitch competition, where your team will have 90 seconds to deliver a pitch.   Speaker: Benjamin Hertzog, PhD. President & CEO of Procyrion Inc. More about Foundations