Patenting your Technology: How to Protect Your Invention
William Childs, JD, PhD

Dr. Childs helps inventors and businesses get patents for their inventions, avoid getting sued for patent infringement, and avoid bad business deals. In other words, he handles patent preparation, patent prosecution, patent freedom to operate, and patent due diligence. William has a Ph.D. in chemistry and over 7 years of experience in patent preparation, patent prosecution, and patent opinion work. With this practical experience, he helps clients use patents to turn their most marketable innovations into their most valuable business assets. he uses his experience to help clients bring products to market while minimizing their risk of patent infringement.

Start Time
6:00 pm
End Time
7:30 pm
2450 Holcombe Blvd Suite J, Houston, TX 77021

Event Description

You’ve invented something great, but how do you protect what you've developed? By filing a patent you can prevent others from producing, selling, and comercially using your invention. In this session, Dr. William Childs will be discussing the fundamentals of protecting your tech with patents, including:

  • When to file for a patent
  • How to obtain a patent
  • Patent challenges