Protective Equipment and Ventilators for Medical Providers in Houston and Beyond

Help us support and protect our doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak.

With the ever increasing number of patients showing up at hospitals and clinics, including those in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, our medical providers are under mounting pressure and facing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), and other devices critical in the treatment of COVID-19 epidemic. Face shields and N95 masks are in short supply, with providers using simple cloths to protect themselves as they treat patients, exposing themselves to the risk of infection. There is also an ever-increasing need for ventilators to be able to safely treat patients suffering from COVID-19.

Houston has a strong, and growing, medical innovation community. With the outbreak of COVID-19, this community of engineers, doctors, nurses, scientists, developers, designers, and business leaders came together to address the growing needs within the TMC, and we need your help!

Tax Deductible

This fundraiser is fully tax deductible—after your donation, you will receive a receipt from the PayPal Giving Fund, and proceeds will be passed on to Enventure to distribute to the various projects. Paypal may retain a small amount per donation.

For Whom

Houston-based institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, CHI St Luke's, Memorial Hermann, Methodist, and others in the Houston area will be the first recipients of the devices developed and manufactured under this initiative. With increasing capacity and expertise we envisage being able to ship out products to other areas and institutions in need.

Under the leadership of Enventure, a Houston-based non-profit supporting the local life-science ecosystem, a group of over 200 engineers, doctors, nurses designers, developers, scientists and business leaders have bonded together to develop PPE, and address the shortage of ventilators. All individuals are donating their time, knowledge, and resources to address the global need.


Reusable PPE

Including N95 equivalent masks with replaceable cartridges, designed to be cleaned between uses. Multiple prototypes already made and sterilized.


Both quickly deployable ventilators to increase overall ventilator capacity, as well as a multiplexing solution to allow multiple patients to be ventilated by one machine, whilst protecting patients from pathogens, and accounting for varying lung volume and other criteria.


Projects are underway to support rapid, point of care diagnosis, assist in triage, and screening, as well as other needs around COVID19 response.

Use of Funds

Design & Prototyping of PPE & Ventilators

Specifically covering material costs for prototypes in efforts currently focussed on developing a reusable N95 equivalent mask with interchangeable filter, as well as developing a rapidly deployable ventilation solution to address the shortage of ventilation devices.


Funds will also be used to cover material costs not covered by hospitals in the manufacturing of said PPE and ventilation device, including device costs, packaging, sterilization, and other associated manufacturing costs.

Distribution & Logistics

Funds will also be allocated to ensure proper packaging, transport, and distribution to the hospitals and to the healthcare providers.


Funds may also be used to support the scale up of other efforts such as servers for automated triage solutions, and other needs surrounding the COVID-19 response.

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