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BYOBrainstorm 2018 Launch: Precision Medicine

May 31, 2018
6:00 pm
May 31, 2018
8:00 pm

Come experience this high-energy session where participants from the scientific, medical, technological, and business communities share ideas and identify tangible angles to tackle systemic healthcare needs. We will strive to address problems in developing and implementing precision medicine, whether it’s genomics, population management, big data, or 3D printing. Streamlining the most personal care will soon be the standard of medicine. 

What is BYOBrainstorm? BYOBrainstorm is an energizing environment where you can identify problems and develop solutions while engaging in casual network building with like-minded students, physicians, scientists, engineers, business developers, and many others interested in life science entrepreneurship. Come hash out your ideas with others and start the process of launching your startup!How does it work? At every BYOBrainstorm event, entrepreneurs and hackers will have the opportunity to pitch their own ideas. These pitches are open to any healthcare topic. Additionally, we will have a theme for every event to help stimulate new ideas.

Who can come? Students, physicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, business developers, and anyone else interested in life science entrepreneurship. Come on out and let's hack healthcare, Houston! Free PIZZA & networking.

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