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Inspire with Mary Pat Moyer

April 7, 2021
1:00 pm
April 7, 2021
2:30 pm

This event will explore the topics of careers in the biotech/biomedical fields with the help of Mary Pat Moyer, PhD, CTBSThis event was organized by EnventureSA and BMEGS-SA. The seminar will star Dr. Mary Pat Moyer as guest speaker. Dr. Moyer is the Founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer, of INCELL Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company working on improving personalized medicine in the areas of regenerative medicine, cancer, and microbiology. Dr. Moyer has extensive research and industry expertise, she is a fellow of the American Academy for Microbiology, and she consults for government agencies, academic institutions, and private companies. Finally, Dr. Moyer is also CEO and Technical Advisor for the TEKSA Innovations Corp., and incubator focused on life science start-up companies.Participants attending this event will learn about Dr. Moyer's story and her experiences from graduate school to her current roles. In addition, there will be a final Q&A where the audience will be able to ask direct questions to the speaker.

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