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Career Prep Workshops

Online Presence

March 30, 2021
6:00 pm
March 30, 2021
7:30 pm

This free workshop series is taught by Sarah Michel who first created it for Rice BIOE graduate students. We have now adapted it to be applicable & open to the public. Sarah has 10+ years of mentoring and placing advanced degree candidates into roles within industry.
If you complete this workshop, you’ll come away with a job readiness toolkit you can reuse for the rest of your career. You can expect to have a resume, LinkedIn profile, Cover Letter, References template, and more! This workshop is open to all advanced degree candidates, trainees, and young professionals interested in being employed in industry. It is designed to equip students to be successful in the job market by preparing them with the necessary skills to apply for and carry out a career in industry. Whether you’re a first year student or applying to jobs now, this series will help you prepare and refine yourself for the job application and interview process. Each session will be a lecture followed by some hands-on workshopping. We have optional recommended engagements (RE) and Build your Toolkit (BYT) steps along the way so that you can finish the series prepared for your future career! Participants are encouraged to attend all workshops, but may choose to attend as they please. Each workshop is stand alone and can be attended independently.

Workshops happen Tuesdays 6-7:30 pm CST

Full Schedule:
March 9: The Ultimate Resume & The Importance of Career Development
March 16: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch & Non-Verbal Communication
March 23: Utilizing your Network: Digital & Face to Face Networking & Attire
March 30: Online Presence (LinkedIn & Other Online Media)
April 6: Professional Correspondence (Cover Letter, References, Letters of Rec)
April 13: Career Strategy & Job Search
April 20: Interviews: Online & In-Person
April 27: Finances & Understanding the Offer
May 4: Class Choice

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