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June 16, 2022

10X in 10 Years?

Enventure’s decade of growth and progress and the explosion of Texas’ medical innovation landscape

Over the last decade, Houston has become one of the most fertile grounds in the country for life science research and innovation. The city has seen explosive growth over this period, investing more than $1 billion to transform its life science innovation ecosystem. More and more public companies, startups, venture funds, and accelerators have set up shop in this emerging hub. But perhaps what makes Houston’s life sciences scene so unique, is the powerhouse of the Texas Medical Center and its institutions, which are training thousands of tomorrow’s healthcare and life science leaders. For many of these students and trainees, Enventure has served as a place of community, a place of guidance, and a place of opportunity - a home for Texas’ medical innovators. 

10 years ago, my co-founders and I had a vision for bringing together Houston’s medical innovators and entrepreneurs - many of them making the early transition from academia to industry. Our vision at that time is still true for Enventure today: we simply believed in the power of bringing innovators together and providing them with whatever they needed to move forward.


  • Enventure provides guidance to first time entrepreneurs and innovators on how to take their ideas and dreams and make them a reality.
  • Enventure demystifies career paths for advanced degree students looking outside of a traditional academic or clinical trajectory.
  • Enventure supports life science ecosystem by assembling scientific and clinical expertise to answer startups’ key questions.
  • Enventure brings communities together that are working on the improvement of healthcare and the mitigation of disease to support and learn from each other.

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One of Enventure’s core values has been to stay student-centric by being student-led. Over the last decade, our team has had the privilege of working with thousands of students and trainees: helping them develop their career plans, build their skillsets, refine their startup ideas and pitches, and launch companies and careers that are transforming patients’ lives. Many of these students, having benefitted from others pouring into them, have chosen to pass this on by serving in leadership roles at Enventure. This “generosity network affect” has helped Enventure grow from a community of a few dozen people in 2012, to over 3000 students and trainees impacted over the last decade. One of the most significant examples of this is the organic development of our San Antonio chapter. 

"Joining Enventure San Antonio has easily been one of the most impactful decisions I have made in my Ph.D. The programs and events that Enventure organizes have been incredibly helpful for me to expand my interests, and to gain useful skills and experience in the Life Science industry. Additionally, my peers in Enventure have been a major driver in motivating me and many others to grow and develop important skills outside of our Ph.D. training, and to create a supportive community to help other students in San Antonio do the same." 

                Carlo Vanz, Executive Director, Enventure SA

At the beginning of Enventure’s next decade, we are entering a world where the biological revolution and the digitization of healthcare are driving how care is implemented; a world where a pandemic has brought the once esoteric world of life science innovation and healthcare delivery to the forefront of everyone’s minds; a world where the global workforce demands to work on things that they believe matter, for companies with visions that go beyond profit and individual benefit. Texas is well-positioned to be a leader in this new paradigm of life science innovation: where economic outcomes are second to patient outcomes; where employee wellbeing is prioritized over investor deadlines; where transformational technology comes from a place of compassion and caring.

Looking at all of the progress that Enventure has made in the last decade, it is clear that as a community, we have an increasing propensity for innovation. You don’t have to take my word for it; join our Slack channel and see for yourself.