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Case Interview Workshops

Case Interview training for aspiring consultants

Course Description

Enventure’s Case Interview Workshops is a fundamentals training and peer-to-peer mentoring program for aspiring consultants to practice case interview questions in a supportive space. Consulting is a dynamic career option for curious problem solvers, which allows for team-driven solutions to a variety of real-world business problems. Consulting isn’t just restricted to individuals pursuing a business degree, but the advanced analytical skills obtained during a PhD, MD, or JD lend themselves well to the demands of the job. This career option allows for a variety of different specializations within the field and also provides solid avenues into biotech and pharmaceutical research. However, just as with any skill, repeated practice with hands-on problems is key to becoming a true expert. Case Interview Workshops support the acquisition of directed skillsets, methodologies and approaches commonly used in consulting in general and especially in case interviews which are essential in the recruitment process, thereby supporting the personal development of individuals interested in a consulting career and beyond. This cycle we specifically invited three established consultants to talk about their experiences and suggestions for successful consulting interviews. So seize the opportunity like no other!

Join us Monday evenings 6:30-8pm starting August 16th as we kick off this semester with a series of informative (and interactive) sessions. Each week we will have one hour of lecture from the invited speakers and 30min networking/Q&A time for the speakers or among the audiences.

Whether you’re experienced within the consulting field or new to the case interview process, Enventure’s Case Interview Workshops has something for you!

Course Culture 

Given the limited time we have every week, we will push, challenge, and question you in the hope you will quickly learn. The feedback we provide is typically direct, open, and tough – just like the real world. We hope you understand that these comments aren’t personal, but are intended to emphasize the case interview process and help you rapidly accelerate your learning.  We also expect you to challenge our point of view, and engage in productive conversations. This form of feedback is extremely beneficial in preparing you for 1-on-1 case practices as well as the actual interview.


This course is meant to be an interactive and challenging learning environment for you to progress in overall structuring and the case interview process. General expectations are to be mentally present while attending, otherwise you won’t be getting anything out of the course. We expect that you will start to become more vocal asking questions when needed and interacting with the leadership as we walk through course content. While attendance is not necessary every week, we strongly encourage you to attend a majority of the training sessions as these will provide the fundamentals to cracking cases. During the group practice portion of the course we hope that you will actively participate and engage with everyone. For the one-on-one practices, if you decide to attend we kindly ask you to prepare to give a case beforehand so that each partner has a chance to practice. We will make several case interview books available to you prior to these sessions.

Course Schedule

Day and Time

Monday evenings 6:30-8pm CDT, with all sessions held via Google Meet.

Lectures 6:30-7:30pm CDT, networking/Q&A time 7:30-8pm CDT

Course Logistics

Week 1 to 8 (9/11/2023 to 10/31/2023): Training session

Week 9 to 10 (11/6/2023 to 11/13/2023): Group case practice

Week 11 to 12(11/20/2023 to 11/27/2023): One-on-one practice

Week 1 (9/11/2023): General introduction of management consulting

Speaker: Justin Moroney, Ph.D, Director at EY at Parthenon

Understand what management consulting is, who are the big players, what is the working style of the consultant, what are the advantages and challenges ADCs face in consulting, and how COVID has impacted the consulting industry at large.

Week 2 (9/18/2023): Anatomy of a consulting interview

Speaker: Yilun Deng, MD, Ph.D., Incoming Life Science Specialist at L.E.K consulting

Here, we will dissect the typical consulting interview process, what types of questions/cases are there, understand the timing, expectations and good practices for each section.

Week 3 (9/25/2022): How do we “fit”?

Speaker: Azaan Wilbon Ph.D., Management Consultant at Accenture

We will dive into the fit/behavior questions in the interview process and

introduce general principles and examples for best practices.

Week 4 (10/2/2023):Basic intro for key business concept

Speaker: Carlo Vanz, BS, MBA, UT Health San Antonio

Understand basic business concepts that will be used frequently in case interviews as well as the daily work of a consultant. Examples include profit, revenue, CAGR, margin, net present value etc.

Week 5 (10/9/2023): Market sizing

Speaker: Asra Noor, BS, Ph.D. Candidate, UT Health San Antonio

Understand how to size a market, the principles of structuring and solving it and how to determine good estimations of particular variables.

Week 6 (10/16/2023): Profitability framework

Speaker: Asra Noor, BS, Ph.D. Candidate, UT Health San Antonio

Understand profitability cases and the basic framework to solve them by

working through the fundamentals as well as a profitability case together.

Week 7 (10/23/2023): Business situation framework

Speaker: Asra Noor, BS, Ph.D. Candidate, UT Health San Antonio

Understand business situation cases and the basic framework to solve them by working through the fundamental principles as well as a business situation case together.

Week 8 (10/30/2023): Merger & Acquisition framework;

Speaker: Cassandra Wolsh, BS, Ph.D. Candidate, UT Health San Antonio

Understand basic M&A cases and the basic framework to solve them by

walking through the fundamental components and working through an M&A case together. We will also showcase a mock case interview with no

interruptions to simulate a real case interview scenario.

Week 9 to 11 (11/6/2023 to 11/13/2023): Mock case interview showcase & Group case practice

We will divide everyone into groups of 4-5, go over one case together as a group to get more comfortable with the case interview environment.

Week 13 to 15 (11/20/2023 to 11/27/2023): One to one practice

Two weeks of one to one case practice.

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