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Perform diligence on partnering start-ups and learn to critique from invited judges from top VC firms

VICE is a (virtual) venture investment competition by Enventure where students will play the role of investors to perform diligence on our partnering start-ups and be judged by our invited investors. $2,000 in prizes will be awarded to the top four student teams!


Students: Form teams and act as investors to critique local startups’ pitches and identify companies that would make a sound investment. Opportunity to gain diligence experience and network with start-ups and investors. The top four teams will be awarded prize money.

Start-ups: Partner with us to practice your pitch in a public setting, receive valuable feedback to improve your business model from competing students and judges, and network with investors to build connections and find mentors. This is a student venture competition, not a pitch competition, so it’s a great opportunity to get feedback even in the early stages of your company.

Investors: Provide mentorship by judging students’ abilities to assess startup credentials and negotiate terms, receive free diligence and an early look into our four partnered start-ups, and network with future VCs and potential investments. Current confirmed Judges from Sante Ventures, baMa, KdT Venture, Texas Halo Fund.

Competition Flow

Timeline: Student Registration Closes May 24 | Diligence Week May 28-June 4 | Finalists Selected June 7 | Competition Day June 11 1-4 pm CT

  • Diligence Week: Competing student teams will receive a pitch deck and executive summary from 1 of 4 start-ups two weeks before the event. Each team has one week to evaluate these documents and create a deal memo. Deal Memos will be reviewed and the top team per each start-up will be selected as a finalist.
  • Competition Day (Part 1): Each start-up will pitch themselves in front of their reviewing team and a set of VC mentors (judges.) At the end of the pitch, teams will have the opportunity to question the start-up founders. The VCs will be critiquing each team’s questions and providing feedback to the teams and the start-ups.
  • Competition Day (Part 2): Teams then have 30 minutes to prepare a recommendation that they will present to the judges. They will be scored on their questioning and recommendation. Teams will be ranked and prizes will be awarded. The event will conclude with a networking opportunity for all.


Roxie Health

Roxie Health - We leverage patient engagement with clinically validated measures to detect functional decline in real time to help payers and population health plans determine who and when to refer to physical therapy to prevent up to 20% of falls.

Voythos - We're on a mission to give physicians their lives back by leveraging cutting edge technology to build, develop, and deliver digital tools that free them from their immense administrative burden and getting them back to their patients.

Cali - Cali enables people who suffer from vertigo to accurately, independently, and safely complete therapeutic exercises in a way that reduces fear and helps them regain control of their lives. Cali is a wearable device that takes you through the exercises, tracks the angle of your head, and uses haptic feedback to help you stay in the right position.

Jois Food Technologies - 3D Printing the next-generation of protein, meat, and food using 3D biofabrication technology and sustainable food ink formulation (made from plant and animal cells) to create alternative and better meat.


Rob Tucci | Texas Halo Fund |

Casey Cunningham | Santé Ventures |

Truong Nguyen | Cemvita Factory |

Madeleine Lu | baMa |

Rima Chakrabarti | KdT Ventures |

Solange Massa | Life Science Angels |

Michelle Ho | 5am Ventures |

Heather Steinman | The Wistar Institute/Robinhood Ventures |

Open to all experience levels and time zones! Contact Marjan Majid ( if you have any questions.

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