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Market Analysis, IP, Literature Review, User Interviews

Market Research

Enventure delivers turnkey research and reporting for life science and healthcare industries. Our research is authored, analyzed, and reviewed by a team of life science industry experts with graduate-level research and publication experience.
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Market Analysis
Thoroughly researched market research, compiling data from top investment banks and investment databases on market size, segmentation, and drivers.
Clinical Field Work
Our team will perform detailed clinical observations to discover unmet, underserved, or unarticulated needs to inform medical innovation.
Literature Review
Comprehensive research that may be submitted to a peer reviewed journal, provided to tech-savvy investors, or used to support your value proposition.
IP Analysis
An initial patentability search and FTO analysis to categorize the IP risk of your invention and advise on next steps.
Therapeutic Target Discovery
For new and established biotechnology companies- expanding a therapeutic product to different disease indications and identifying feasible targets.
Stakeholder Interviews
Interviewing a broad network of physicians and KOLs to define and validate your market need.
Case Studies
We connect life science companies with the research and talent they need, bridging gaps within the life science innovation ecosystem.
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